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 Boggs Rural Life Center, Inc

Has an updated website, though this website is accurate it does not reflect any activities from 2016


The Boggs Rural Life Center (BRLC) campus is nestled in approximately 1250 acres of farmland, timber, and wooded area in Keysville, Georgia.    The campus consists of four dormitories and five cottages, a tennis court, and baseball field. The Boggs Rural Life Center is a revitalized facility promoting positive change locally and globally.    


In the Beginning

The historical Boggs Academy, founded in 1906, was a preparatory boarding school for young African Americans in United States. The Presbyterian Church USA owned and operated Boggs Academy until 1984, when public schools began desegregation.  Thus, the Church had fulfilled its mission.

Boggs Rural Life Center, Inc

4729 Quaker Rd

Keysville, Ga. 30816



The Transition


The Boggs Academy transitioned into Boggs Rural Life Center in 1991 after entering into a covenant agreement with the Presbyterian Church, Boggs Academy National Alumni Association, Boggs Community Development Corporation, Burke County Improvement Association, and Keysville Concerned Citizens, and the National Black Presbyterian Caucus.   The new mission of Boggs was to create and operate programs to help other organizations address issues in Burke and surrounding counties.  Even today, BRLC provides accommodations for retreats, reunions, weddings and other special events. Boggs is a resource for networking and information to build sustainable communities.